Are metal brushes bad for your hair ?


Are metal brushes bad for your hair for 2023 ? According to beauty experts, the hairbrush is often an afterthought when it comes to creating great hair looks, but it should be a top consideration. After investing in a quality haircut, color, shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, using a low-quality brush is counterproductive. Fortunately, recent research and scientific advancements have led to innovative hairbrushes that can deliver more good hair days than ever before. Here are ten hairbrush truths to help guide you to the best brush for your hair:

  1. The type of bristle matters. There are many materials to help tame your tresses, from metal to plastic to natural bristles. The top choice for stylists is 100% First-Cut boar bristle because it is kind to hair and naturally redistributes oils, making hair shiny and healthy. Boar bristles come in three different cuts, and the most beneficial is the First Cut because it is the healthiest one. The First Cut is more expensive, but the benefits of having it are worth it because it closes the hair cuticle and provides a polished look. Nylon bristles will pull hair and cause breakage, especially if hair is really wet or processed. Metal bristles can strip the hair cuticle, leaving it unprotected from the elements. The ideal bristle should feel firm to your touch. For thicker, coarser hair, a brush with high-quality 100% boar bristle plus a nylon quill is the best choice because the quill will grab the thicker hair, while the boar soothes the cuticle.
  2. The brush should do the work. With the right brush, you can load, lock, and pull. It should be lightweight, well-balanced, and combined with a quality dryer held at the right angle for the ideal look to happen fast and without bodily harm.
  3. Use brushes designed for the task. Different brushes are designed for each step of the process, from prepping to styling to finishing. At a minimum, you need a wet-hair paddle brush or detangler to section and dry hair to about 70%, a high-tension styling brush to do the work of the look you are trying to achieve, and a finishing brush to refine the look and add shine.
  4. Use brushes designed for your hair type. Just like dry and oily skin require specific product formulations, fine, medium, and coarse hair require different brushes for the perfect blow-dry.
  5. The core is king. Choosing a brush made from material that holds heat but does not burn hair is critical for speedy results without damage. Metal cores can burn hair and any great conditioners or treatment products applied, but new innovations like the PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core hold heat and provide control without burning.
  6. Get a handle on it. Using a brush with a handle that is too small or made from materials that slip when wet can slow down your brushing and stress your hand and wrist. Go for a slightly textured rubber or foam handle that is comfy, easy to grip and allows the most control, especially for highly textured hair.
  7. Size it right. The size of the barrel on round and oval brushes is an important factor for tension, speed, control, and ease of use. In general, the shorter your hair, the smaller the barrel, and the longer your hair, the bigger the barrel. If your hair is layered, go with the size that best matches the majority of your strand lengths.
  8. The teasing brush has become the go-to brush for many people because it’s not just for teasing anymore. The compact bristle head can be used for various tasks like creating volume, updos, and refining.
  1. Cleanliness is next to godliness! Regular cleaning of your hairbrush is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Dirt, oils and product residue can accumulate on your brush, which can transfer back onto your hair, leading to breakouts or other scalp issues. To clean your brush, start by removing any hair from the bristles. Then, fill a bowl with warm water and a drop of shampoo or conditioner. Dip the brush into the bowl and gently rub the bristles with your fingers to remove any buildup. Rinse the brush with clean water and let it dry completely before using it again.
  2. Don’t skimp on quality! Investing in a high-quality hairbrush may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can actually save you money in the long run. A well-made brush will last longer and provide better results, which means you’ll spend less money on replacements and salon appointments. Plus, the benefits of healthy, shiny hair are priceless!

Are metal brushes bad for your hair ? Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing the right hairbrush for your hair type and styling needs can make a world of difference in the health and appearance of your hair. With the Ten Truths of Hairbrushes in mind, you can confidently select the best brushes for your mane and achieve your ideal look with ease.

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