Best box dye for Asian hair 2023

Which hair dye is best for Asian hair?

Looking for the best box dye for Asian hair 2023 ? Asian hair boasts a distinctive charm, characterized by its lustrous dark color, tight cuticles, and perpendicular growth from the scalp. These unique traits make Asian hair resilient and resistant to color changes, demanding specialized hair dyes that can work wonders on this exquisite canvas. Generic hair dyes often fail to meet the expectations of Asian hair, but fear not! In this article, we invite you to embark on a journey through the realm of the seven best hair dyes adored by Asian hair enthusiasts. From trendy and natural shades to nourishing formulas, these hair coloring marvels will unlock the true radiance of your locks. Embrace the magic of transformation and discover the perfect hair dye crafted exclusively for your unique Asian tresses!

Best box dye for Asian hair 2023


#1 L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference – Ultra Light Ash Brown

L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference

Elevate your hair game with the L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference, a fade-defying hair color that encapsulates color vibrancy and silky shine. Boasting an array of shades, this liquid gel dye ensures 100% gray coverage and imparts true brilliance to Asian hair. From luminous reds to cool ash blondes and the deepest ash blacks, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity.


  • Lasting brilliance up to 8 weeks.
  • Effortless application with a liquid gel formula.
  • Over 50 shades to choose from.
  • Perfectly tailored to the uniqueness of Asian hair.


  • None to be found.

#2 Revlon New Total Color – Dark Brown

Revlon New Total Color – Dark Brown

Embrace a gentle and nourishing hair dyeing experience with Revlon’s New Total Color, infused with hemp oil for scalp comfort. Vegan and dermatologist-tested, this hair dye collection features specific beneficial ingredients, like sesame oil for brown hues and cranberry for red shades. Bid farewell to dullness and welcome vibrant colors, as this non-drip formula provides long-lasting results for up to 6 weeks.


  • Vegan and dermatologist-approved.
  • Long-lasting color without harmful additives.
  • Sulfate-free, phthalates-free, and silicone-free.


  • A slight odor may be present.

#3 Clairol Nice’n Easy – Dark Cool Blonde

Best box dye for Asian hair 2023

Clairol Nice’n Easy – Dark

Indulge in the beauty of silky and natural-looking hair color with Clairol Nice’n Easy. This hair dye ensures full coverage of grays and transforms natural black hair into a radiant blonde finish. The non-drip formula, enriched with conditioning agents, pampers your hair during the coloring process. Revel in the beauty of a natural-looking blonde hue that will remain vibrant for up to 8 weeks.


  • Easy application and gentle on hair.
  • Seamless coverage with no grays left behind.
  • Mess-free formula for a stress-free experience.


  • None to be seen.

#4 Somang Clinic Color – Light Brown

Somang Clinic Colo

Specially curated for Asian hair, the Flower Men Somang Clinic Color embraces scalp protection while preserving hair shine. Enriched with keratin and nutrient-rich components, this dye nurtures hair strength and health. For virgin, naturally dark hair, a second application may be required for optimal results, making a patch test essential 48 hours before use.


  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for root touch-ups.
  • Long-lasting results at a remarkable value.
  • A perfect fit for the unique needs of Asian hair.


  • Non-English manual included.

#5 John Frieda Precision Foam Color – Dark

ohn Frieda Precision

Experience the ease of the John Frieda Precision Foam Color, effortlessly spreading into challenging areas with a non-drip formula. Achieve 100% gray coverage and revel in silky smoothness with the after-color conditioner. This hair dye kit will enhance vibrancy and luster, embracing your hair with nourishing color.


  • Effortless application for stunning results.
  • Rich color pigments and nurturing properties.


  • None to be noted.

#6 Miseenscene Hello Bubble – Rose Gold

Best box dye for Asian hair 2023

Miseenscene Hello Bubble – Ro

Experience the magic of ammonia-free color with the Miseenscene Hello Bubble Hair dye. Complete with a magical ampoule for smoothness and fragrance, this hair dye guarantees even coverage for gray or black hair. The after-dye conditioner locks in moisture, leaving your hair naturally shiny and full of life.


  • Ammonia-free and conditioning for Asian hair needs.
  • A range of colors to ignite creativity.


  • Application may get a tad drippy.

#7 Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Powder – Oriental Black

n Permanent Powder Hair Powde

Indulge in long-lasting gray coverage or enhance your natural black hair with the Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Powder in Oriental Black. The unique powder formula gently opens hair cuticles, depositing rich, natural colors while conditioning your hair. This versatile hair dye is safe for all hair types and empowers you to explore various hairstyles with confidence.


  • Ammonia-free and conditioning for scalp and hair health.
  • Enduring elegance with lasting color.


  • No drawbacks in sight.

Finding the Perfect Hair Dye for Asian Hair: Key Considerations and Application Guide

Introduction: Choosing the best hair dye for Asian hair involves a careful selection process to ensure a stunning and harmonious transformation. Factors like eye color, toxin-free formulas, longevity, and nourishing ingredients all contribute to finding the ideal hair dye. In this section, we’ll explore essential considerations when selecting the perfect Asian hair dye, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting color that complements your overall look. Additionally, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to apply hair dye on Asian hair to achieve the best results.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Hair Dye For Asian Hair:

1. Eye Color and Complementary Shades: Harmonizing hair color with your eye color can accentuate your features. For those with hazel or brown eyes, shades like golden blond, brown, and burgundy work wonders. If your eyes are darker, consider exploring darker hair colors. Alternatively, experiment with stark contrasts, a trend that adds a touch of daring allure to your appearance.

2. Toxin-Free Formulas: To safeguard sensitive scalps, opt for hypoallergenic and ammonia-free hair dyes. While some formulas may contain ammonia to penetrate multiple cuticle layers for a more vibrant color, minimizing skin contact is essential. For enhanced hair strength and shine, use keratin-infused shampoos and conditioners to complement your coloring regimen.

3. Longevity and Hair Care: Choose hair dyes offering 100% coverage and lasting up to 6-8 weeks for prolonged color brilliance. To extend the life of your hair color, use sulfate-free shampoos and protective conditioners specially formulated for colored hair.

4. Nourishing Ingredients: Look for hair dyes enriched with natural ingredients like hemp oil and humectants such as propylene glycol to hydrate, moisturize, and nourish your locks. For damaged Asian hair, formulas containing conditioning agents work wonders by repairing split ends and rejuvenating damaged cuticles.

5. Ease of Application: When considering at-home hair dyeing, seek color options with easy application processes. Opt for non-drip and non-staining formulas that deliver quick and mess-free color application.

How To Apply Hair Dye On Asian Hair:

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair: Start by washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo, avoiding the use of any hair products post-shampoo. Dry your hair completely, as dry strands better absorb the color.

Step 2: Protective Measures: Before the coloring process, don gloves and any protective gear to safeguard your skin and clothing.

Step 3: Mixing the Hair Color: Follow the product manual and mix the hair color with the developer in the specified ratio, typically 1:2.

Step 4: Sectioning Your Hair: Divide your hair into small manageable sections to ensure even application. Use a brush to apply the color from the roots to the tips.

Step 5: Waiting Time: Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the dye sit for at least 20 minutes. Check for any sections needing touch-up, and let them sit for an additional 15 minutes or as per the product’s instruction manual for the desired color shade.

Step 6: Rinse and Style: Wash your hair thoroughly, apply conditioner, and style your gorgeously colored locks.

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