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How to comb your hair properly for guys ? 2022

How to comb your hair properly for guys ? Hair combing is one of those tasks that help enhance our look and it can be a very good idea to perform daily or multiple times per day. However, knowing how to comb your hair properly for guys can be a little tricky since there are various aspects to focus on. With that in mind, here’s how you can do it.

How to comb your hair properly for guys ?

Parting your hair

There are different combing methods, and this one is very common. For this particular approach, you do want to decide which way you want to part the hair. Once you know what direction you want, you need to take the comb and place it over that hair area you want to part. Create a part line and that’s what you will use when you stylize your hair.

Now that you have that line, you want to comb on the larger side of the part line. Once you established it, all you have to do is to run a comb via the larger side of that divide. In doing so, you get to have a great hair line. Sometimes you might even need to use your fingers just to ensure the hair doesn’t go wild as it does happen from time to time.

Once you get through the larger side, you need to do the same on the smaller side of that line. Some choose to let the hair go down naturally, while others will even shave that side just to have a modern and more creative look. Adding gel so you can keep your hair in a single place is not mandatory, but it can actually be a great idea and a thing to keep in mind.

Slicking your hair backwards

When you try to do this, you want to add a small amount of gel through the hair. That is necessary because it will keep your hair under control and it won’t just go wild as you stylize it, which is something to keep in mind. After you do so, just comb the hair from front and to the back. Use a bristle brush or even a comb with wide teeth, and just comb from the front side to the back.

Using a blow dryer as you comb is great because it will help shape your hair properly and avoid any possible issues. You don’t want to use it on a high setting, so it’s important to set it to low, and you compress your hair as you angle it down, that’s how it all works. Once you finish, you can add some gel in there so it keeps things in place.

Creating spikes

Spiking your hair is a cool and modern look. You do need to know how to comb your hair pretty well here though. At first, you want to dampen the hair, and then also towel dry it a little bit. After you did that, you must comb the hair in the direction your spikes are going. It’s possible to even use your fingers a little if you want.

Once you did so, add some styling matte, not a whole lot. The thing to note here is that when you create spikes, you want to avoid gel, as that can be an issue. Which is exactly the thing you want to consider here. When the spikes are made, just use the comb so you can twist them up and you will be good to go.


Learning how to comb your hair properly for guys is important because it will help you create the style you want. There are many different options, so you do want to take your time and narrow down how it all works. There will always be challenges as you figure out how you can comb your hair. That’s why these guides on how to comb your hair properly for guys can really make a difference!


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