The best hot brushes for hair UK

Looking for the best hot brushes for hair UK ? If you, the same as us, think that brushing and styling your hair in the morning is too much of a balancing act, then you might consider investing in a heated brush that can do many functions.

The best hot brushes are hybrid hair appliances that combine a brush, hair drier, and straightener into one. They dry, detangle, and style your hair all at once, resulting in a bouncy blowdry that complements the current vintage beauty trend from the 1990s.

Is it possible to use a heated brush on damp hair?

Some hot brushes utilize hot air to dry hair as you style, which means you may use them properly on wet or damp hair. However, they often do not give as much drying power as the hair drier that you typically use.

Because hair is at its most brittle when it is wet, you should only use styling equipment with heated ceramic plates on hair that is dry or almost dry. In any event, if your hair is wet when you style it, you could not get the faultless results that you are hoping for. Always use a heat protectant before styling your hair to prevent it from being damaged.

Which is more effective, a straightening iron or a hot brush?

Both hot brushes and hair straighteners are worthy additions to your collection of haircare tools, but for very various reasons.

Straighteners, despite their versatility, generally have difficulty producing the larger, more buoyant waves that can be achieved with a hot brush. However, they work best for creating tight waves and curls, so whatever one you choose will depend on the look you want to achieve.

Hot brushes, straighteners, and wands all perform distinct duties; but, when it comes to smoothing down the hair while still allowing it to have its body and movement, heated brushes are by far the most beneficial tool. The use of hot brushes is fantastic for softening down the hair while also allowing it to keep its body and flow.

If you want to get rid of frizz, you may use them on thick, wavy, curly, or coily hair and they will work just as well. Because of this, they are suitable for use on hair that is medium to fine in texture.

#1 Glide Professional Hot Brush

Glide Professional Hot Brush

It should come as no surprise that our reviewers deemed this legendary hair tool to be the best, given that it was the first one to be purchased once it was released in 2019.

They couldn’t stop raving about how streamlined and lightweight it was, and how easy it was to operate despite having only one button.

It moved smoothly through the hair of 96% of our panelists without snagging or tangling it, and it swiftly produced a style that was worthy of a salon.

89% of people found that it held flyaways at bay, and others discovered that they were able to attain their desired appearance quicker with this product than with their regular straightener, which meant that they could press the snooze button one more time in the morning.

#2 Airwrap Styler Complete

Airwrap Styler Complete

This heated brush will provide the appearance of a full-volume blowout with very little effort required from you, as it will automatically grab parts of your hair.

Even people with fine hair are able to have their hair straightened without any loss of body thanks to this product’s six different style attachments. Our testers found it difficult to choose a favorite.

The cutting-edge airflow technology contributed to the reduction of frizz in an almost silent manner, and 93 percent of the testers believed that it heated up in a short amount of time and achieved amazing results.

Although fashionable, the storage box was considered by some reviewers to be cumbersome to transport. Do not be fooled, though; after using this package, your holiday hair will be the greatest it has ever been.

#3 AireBrush Duo Blow Dry Brush

The best hot brushes for hair UK

AireBrush Duo Blow Dry Brush

Because it has two different ends, this tool gives you the option of giving your hair either bouncy curls or poker-straight ends.

It also offers a wide temperature range, which is ideal for safeguarding strands that are delicate, and it pleased the testers by replacing frizz and flyaways with smooth, lustrous hair.

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