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Are combs good for your hair

Are combs good for your hair ? You are probably familiar with this scenario: the alarm clock rings, and you reluctantly go to the bathroom without loosening your hair. After a shower, there is only time for a quick make-up of eyelashes – and it’s time to run.

Don’t you think that something is missing? But it certainly seems to us. Your hairbrush remained on the dressing table, forgotten and abandoned.

If you haven’t guessed yet, we are very sensitive to combs. Oddly enough, even those women who seem to diligently care for their hair often forget about this ingenious invention. And this is a real crime.

Are combs good for your hair ?

Having a comb is absolutely essential. After all, this is one of the first beauty products invented by mankind.

When combs were first invented, they were the only way to keep hair healthy. The same comb that mom used to untangle our hair (it still hurts us to remember this) is the secret to healthy, strong and shiny hair. Moreover, even the cheapest model will help your hair much more than expensive masks. Of course, provided that you use it regularly.

Well, are you ready to get your comb out of the far drawer? Your hair will be happy to hear this news.

If you’re still wondering are combs good for your hair, the answer is Yes !

What comb do you need?

Buying a comb should be approached in the same way as buying any other care product. Perhaps you should go to a specialty store and see the latest news or read what they write on the Internet.

Think about what problems you want to solve. Do you want a more predictable styling result? To keep your hair from breaking? So it will be easier for you to navigate in a huge variety of models.

Round brushes are great for styling already dry hair. If you need extra volume, choose a ceramic model, and if you want a smooth result, then it is better to use a brush with natural bristles.

Combs are needed for drying and styling, for detangling hair and for distributing care products along the entire length. It turns out that you need to have at least three different models. But, fortunately, most combs can be bought at quite affordable prices.

To better understand what is happening with your hair.

Are combs good for your hair

When you have long hair, there is a great temptation every morning to quickly put it upstairs without much lingering in front of the mirror. But this way you can not notice how split ends appear, and the hair color gradually fades.

If you comb your hair daily, they will be healthier – if only because you will have the opportunity to properly examine them and, if necessary, “nip in the bud” any problems.

Pamper your hair with attention, and soon you will see that they have become healthier. In addition, you will be much more enthusiastic about planning visits to the salon. You see, everyone is fine.

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