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Vegan hair brushes UK

The most healthy and reasonable gift for your beautiful hair is vegan hair brushes UK. You may not be a vegan on a regular basis, but when it comes to choosing hair products, we wanted to choose products made without cruelty. Small changes like vegan hair brushes can change your worldview. Firstly, it is environmentally friendly, and secondly, it is harmless to animals. The vegan hair brushes UK presented below are made of cactus, nylon, tampico, coconut fiber and bamboo, which gives you the same or better results.

#1 Sofmild Hair Brush And Tail Comb Set

Sofmild Hair Brush And Tail Comb Set

This set includes a high-quality Soft mild hair brush and a comb for the tail. If you want a vegan brush, it’s best to start with a wooden hair brush. This comb can be used by the whole family, including children. The peculiarity of the brush is that it is made of biodegradable bamboo. The handle and bristles are made of high-quality wood. Another attractive feature of this comb is that it has a pleasant texture, which is pleasant to touch and hold in your hands. The brush length is 9.57 inches. and the width is 3.35 inches. Also included in the set is a universal comb that you can use to untangle and style your hair or to clean the brush itself.


#2 Bfwood Hair Brush

Best Vegan hair brushes UK

Bfwood Hair Brush

If you need a high-quality vegan brush, then this bamboo brush from B F Wood. it will be a universal solution for you. Speaking of size, the size corresponds to the dimensions of 9.06 x 2.76 inches. As promised, this brush has bamboo bristles that smoothly untangle the hair and stimulate the scalp. In the center of the brush, you can easily notice a ventilation hole designed for a comfortable massage. The size of the comb is great for curly, thick and thin hair. And of course, you can use this comb for important hair as well.

#3 Nipoo Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Nipoo Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Nippo brushes are popular for their gentle untangling of strands and have rounded bristles made of 100 percent bamboo. This set includes one wooden comb blade and one compact mini brush, which is great for traveling. Don’t worry about the length of your hair. This set of combs is suitable for any length of hair. These vegan hair brushes UK are good because they stimulate blood flow and massage the scalp, which accelerates hair growth. This is a fairly light comb that has wide gaps and most importantly creates less static electricity during the combing process. The set is considered for both children and adults.

#4 Ecottools Hair Brush

Vegan hair brushes UK

Ecottools Hair Brush

EcoTools – the name of the company already speaks for itself. The brand produces exclusively eco-friendly vegan hair brushes UK. This brush has a distinctive design and a paddle with a cushion. The comb does its job perfectly, namely untangling the hair and is suitable even for knotted and curly hair.If you have thin hair, then this vegan brush is also universal for thin hair. In addition to everything written, the brush is perfectly ventilated and comfortable to hold.

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