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Are bamboo combs good for hair ?

Have you ever wondered why combs made from bamboo are so much better than ordinary plastic ones? In this article we want to discuss the frequently asked question – Are bamboo combs good for hair.

Are bamboo combs good for hair ?

With plastic combs, the problem is that they are not environmentally friendly and are used for quite a long time, since they are not disposable plastics. Therefore, you need to consider better quality and environmentally friendly options. Bamboo combs are considered the best eco-friendly combs, as they are made of 100% sustainable bamboo. The advantage of these combs is that at the end of their service life they are not waste, as they are completely biodegradable.

Why bamboo brushes are better for the health of your hair than plastic hairbrushes

1) If plastic combs can be quite tough for your hair, then bamboo combs will not harm either the hair or the scalp and will untangle knots and tangles much more smoothly. For this reason, eco-friendly round bamboo combs will be ideal even for children.

2) Another advantage of bamboo combs is that they have pinned ends that are very soft, which makes them ideal for scalp massage. As we all know, stimulation of the scalp will promote better hair growth and better sebum production. Bamboo combs comb natural oils from the scalp to the tips, which will make your hair more voluminous and healthy

3) Let’s move on to another reason why bamboo combs are better. The fact is that when you comb your hair with a bamboo comb, they get rid of static electricity. And plastic ones, on the contrary, increase this charge, which causes fluffiness. Do you know why ? Because bamboo combs have a charge from neutral to negative, as a result of which your hair remains smooth.

4) Not everyone knows, but bamboo itself is antibacterial, antifungal and resistant to odors. Therefore, you can be sure that your hair and voice skin will always remain clean and happy

Why is bamboo the most sustainable and eco-friendly material for your wooden hairbrush?

Bamboo is better than any tree.

We would like to inform you that bamboos are the fastest growing plants in the world. But what does this have to do with combs, you ask? Bamboos grow from 24 to 48 inches a day, which means that no matter how much they are used or harvested, it does not damage our ecosystem. Bamboo brushes usually have a soft pad that holds the bamboo pins, and this allows the hair brush to work more gently on the skin and hair.

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