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Are hot combs good for your hair ?

Are hot combs bad for natural hair ?

We all like straight and silky hair. But what are we sacrificing in return ? It’s no secret to anyone that to get straight hair you need to use special heaters for hair styling, as a result of which we regret it. The question is, is it worth using heating tools for straightening hair ? There are certain studies that prove that the use of heaters for hair straightening can seriously damage the cutticle of our hair and, accordingly, cause brittleness. For this reason, many are looking for alternatives to these rectifiers. Often the alternatives are hot combs. But how safe is it ? Are hot combs bad for natural hair ?

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Hot combing natural hair: what does it mean?

Probably everyone has heard about hot combs, but let’s first figure out what a hot comb is and how it works. Hot combs are tools with which you can straighten natural hair. And there are many types of hot combs. The most popular and effective of them are electric combs.
These combs are especially great for straightening coarse and coarse hair. However, hot combing is temporary, since after washing they will return to their previous state.

Are hot combs bad for natural hair ?

Hot combs were mainly used by African-American women in order to temporarily straighten their hair. This method is also called thermal heating. But then people switched to chemical straighteners, as hot combs were quite time-consuming and temporary. In addition, hot combing negatively affects the hair roots, weakens them, which leads to brittleness and the formation of bubbles.

What is bubble hair ? This is an anomaly of the hair shaft, as a result of which the hair rods are filled with filled bubbles. Such an anomaly occurs as a result of applying straightening curling rods at extremely high temperatures. But that’s not all. Hot combs also harm the hair shaft and cuticle. Several studies were conducted, as a result of which it was revealed that women who used hot combs for straightening suffered from damage to the cuticle of the hair and their loss on the crown.

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So if you’re still asking are hot combs good for your hair ? That is definitely not! Another reason why hot combing is not desirable for natural hair is that the temperature in the hot comb is not controlled as a result, you can simply burn your hair. Such heating of natural hair can also lead to dryness, dullness and eventually to hair loss. If you want to use a hot comb more safely, then you will have to use a thermoprotective serum in order to minimize harm.

Is hot combing better than using a flat iron?

Regarding hot irons, hot combs have some advantages. The first is that they heat up faster, as a result of which they save time. The second advantage is that hot combs can give better results, as they can straighten the hair closer to the head. But keep in mind that in both cases you will harm your hair

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