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Are wooden combs better for your hair

Why are wooden combs better

Are wooden combs better for your hair ? When caring for hair, we try to buy the best shampoos and balms, regularly make masks and use thermal protection during styling. However, rarely is anyone so scrupulous in choosing a comb. It turns out that it also affects the condition of the hair, and can both improve their appearance and ruin it. What comb to choose so that the curls always look perfect? One of the most popular options is a natural wood product. For a long time it was considered that this is the best comb for hair. But is it really so? Let’s try to understand this issue and evaluate all the pros and cons of a wooden comb.

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Material for making wooden combs

MRD Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb,

What kind of wooden comb will be depends largely on the type of wood that is used in its manufacture. Most often, the following options are used for this purpose:

  • beech;
  • oak;
  • Birch;
  • juniper.

The listed types of wood are best suited for creating high-quality and durable accessories. Each of them has its own advantages. For example, beech has the most smooth wood, which also lends itself well to grinding. That is why the beech comb will be as gentle as possible to your hair. Juniper is known for its antiseptic properties. Using a comb made from this tree will help you fight dandruff and other scalp conditions.

Are wooden combs better for your hair / Pros

Why are wooden combs better


Pros № 1. No static electricity. Tired of hairs sticking out in different directions after combing? So it’s time to buy a comb made of natural wood. Сomb, like your hair, has a negative charge, and therefore you will forget about the static charge. In addition to external unattractiveness, static leads to excessive dryness and brittleness of the strands. Wooden combs protect curls from static electricity, and therefore, after combing, they are smooth and obedient.

Pros № 2. Safety. Natural material does not cause allergies or skin diseases. This is very important if you have a sensitive scalp and often suffer from allergic reactions.

Pros № 3. Natural nutrition. Wooden brush evenly distributes sebum along the entire length of the strands, making them less oily and look healthy. They acquire elasticity and shine, as after a moisturizing procedure.

Pros № 4. İmproves blood circulation. Are wooden combs good for your hair? Yes! The wooden comb additionally massages the scalp. And it does it as delicately as possible, leaving no scratches or damage. Regular combing with a wooden brush improves blood circulation and the production of sebum, which is designed to protect the scalp from dryness and aggressive external factors.

Pros № 5. Beneficial effect on the nervous system. Did you know that there are acupressure points on the head? A gentle massage with a wooden comb calms the nerves, relaxes, relieves tension, restores mental clarity and simply gives pleasure.

Pros № 6. Stimulates hair growth. The longer you comb the strands, the more you stimulate the follicles responsible for the growth of new hairs. And as growth increases, they become denser.

Pros № 7. Prevents tangling and breakage of strands. Notice how your comb tangles the tips? Sometimes you have to try pretty hard to untangle the knots that have been created. The wooden comb glides smoothly over the scalp and hair without confusing them. Thanks to the delicate care, the tips do not break and do not split.

Pros № 8. Reduces dandruff and itching.  İmproper combing leads to irritation of the scalp. The wrong comb leads to irritation of the scalp. As a result – the appearance of dandruff. The rounded soft teeth of the wooden brush do not damage or scratch the skin, preventing dandruff.

Pros № 9. Effective cleansing. Products with a positive charge attract particles of dust and dirt. As a result, they remain on their teeth and continue to contact your hair. A tree with a negative charge qualitatively cleans curls from various contaminants.

Pros № 10. High degree of strength. Combs made of natural wood are not afraid of falls and intensive use for a long time. 

Pros № 11. Suitable for any type of hair. Ecological beauty gadgets are equally good for thick, thin, healthy, damaged, curly and straight hair.

If you use a wooden comb every day, the sebum is evenly distributed over the strands, and therefore they become less oily. In addition, improved blood circulation stimulates the growth of new hair and improves the quality of existing ones. Over time, you will see that you wash your hair less often, your hair is no longer dry and breakable. Curls become healthy and elastic, and this is without expensive care products. Maybe it’s time to change your hairbrush?

How to clean wooden combs ?

Healthy hair starts with a clean comb. Like any other beauty accessory, wooden combs must be thoroughly cleaned of germs, dirt and grease. However, do not forget: the tree does not like water, and therefore the usual methods of cleaning are useless here. Use the following rules for cleaning wooden combs:

  • Soak the comb in soapy water for no more than 3 minutes. Otherwise, the material will absorb water, begin to swell, deform, crack.
  • Use a paper towel to scrub each tooth of the comb to remove even the slightest amount of dirt. If stubborn dirt has accumulated on the product, use a toothbrush.
  • After cleaning, treat the accessory with oil. Flaxseed oil is ideal, but any oil can be used. For example, the one with which you feed your strands.
  • You can clean combs not only with a soapy solution, but also with an alcohol solution, which quickly breaks down fat and kills germs. But chlorine-containing products are contraindicated for wood.
  • After cleaning, dry the product with a cloth. Microfiber is good for absorbing moisture instantly.

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