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We all know that combs are quite important for the health of hair of all types. The most important and difficult thing is to find the right comb for you. If you want to untangle your hair easily and conveniently without breaking, then you need to be sure that you have made the right choice.

To help you find the right hair comb for Afro, we have compiled a list of the best that will help you manage your natural hair as well as settle them.

Is there a need to comb your natural hair ?

For many, combing their hair is a nightmare, as this process is accompanied by the breaking of the shreds, pulling out the hair, which will lead them to more fragility. No matter how frightening the combing process would be, you will have to do it, however, only when your hair is moistened, you will also need to initially untangle the hair with your fingers before combing.

Should I comb my hair before washing ?

It will be much better to comb your hair after washing, this will contribute to a better sliding of the comb through your hair. First you will need to separate the knots and remove the split ends, which will make the combing process smoother.

Best combs for Afro hair

#1 Denman Brush

Denman Brush

This is a great hair comb for Afro, especially for natural hair. They are great for untangling curls. The bristles of these combs are designed to better untangle knots from your hair. It should be noted that for a smoother operation, you need to use this comb with moisturized hair.

#2 Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth CombThe best combs for afro hair are those that have wide teeth. These types of combs have enough space between the rows, which contributes to a better glide through the hair without breaking off the tips. Combs that have wide teeth are an excellent solution if you need a smooth untangling of knots, tangles without breaking the tips. But keep in mind that before using combs with wide teeth, you need to moisturize your hair.

#3 Afro Hair Pick

Best comb for afro hair

Afro Hair Pick

Afro Hair Pack is a classic comb that was used back in the 80s. But even today they have not lost their relevance, they have returned as an excellent tool for combing. This hair comb for afro is an indispensable tool for natural hair. They add volume to your twistouts and perfectly match the avro style. They are also great for detangling medium and short hair

#4 Shower Detangler

Hair comb for Afro

Shower Detangler

You probably saw this type of comb many times in your childhood. These combs are different in that they have long teeth, which are designed for combing large strands of thick hair without causing breakage.

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