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Hair combs for natural hair 2022

Best combs for natural hair

Many of us do not like the process of combing natural hair, as it is accompanied by discomfort and brittle hair. To this end, we decided to compile a list of the 5 best hair combs for natural hair. Our natural hair can become quite painful if you don’t use the right tools.

Best Hair combs for natural hair


#1 Denman Brush

Best Hair combs for natural hair

Denman Brush

The denmanbrush is the first on the list, as it is the best comb among others for detangling natural hair. They are also great for improving hairstyles. But you need to take into account the aspect that before using this brush, you will have to apply a lot of conditioner to your hair. Also, you will have to untangle your hair a little before you proceed to combing them to minimize hair breakage.

#2 Detangling Fan Brush

Detangling Fan Brush

If you are looking for the best hair comb for natural hair, then this model will be a great solution for you. These combs appeared back in 2018 since then and have become popular. You should try this comb for yourself.

#3 Best combs for natural hair – Glide Thru

Glide Thru 

You will have to use this brush with caution, as here you will need conditioner to untangle your hair. Also keep in mind that you can use these combs for small strands of hair at a time. If you have thick, tangled hair, then first the knots will grow with your fingers and then use a brush. As a result, you will get good results.

#4 Jumbo Rake Comb

Jumbo Rake Comb

The appearance of this comb is probably familiar to everyone. They are available to many who have long hair. Since they have large combs, they are great for thick and curly hair. These combs are also great for children, especially those with delicate glova skin. If you are looking for a replacement for detangling hair, then Jumbo Rake Comb will be an excellent solution, since they are able to comb large areas of hair without causing breakage.

#5 Small Plastic Combs

Small Plastic Combs


If you need portable combs that will be comfortable to hold in your hand, then Small Plastic Combs is a great solution. They are great for easy combing of small strands of hair.

#6 Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

We present you some more models of combs that have become popular among those with natural hair. We recommend these hair combs for natural hair only to those with TWA or thin hair. Please note that the use of these combs for longer hair can lead to brittle hair.

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