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Are plastic combs bad for hair ?

İs plastic comb good for hair

Since hair is the most visible part of the body, it greatly affects how we look. For this reason, we need to take good care of them. Many of us give preference to plastic combs because of their availability. But are plastic combs bad for hair ?  Some of us don’t even understand why we need to use wooden combs, and there are quite a few reasons why we should abandon plastic combs. Here are the reasons for you:

  • Plastic combs cause static electricity and fluffy hair.
  • Increase the tension of the hair.
  • Not smooth tips of the teeth lead to brittle hair.

Are plastic combs bad for hair ?

Plastic Combs Aren’t Healthy For Your Hair.  Plastic itself is not an environmentally friendly product. To make plastic, you need to extract crude oil and process it in plants running on fossil fuels, which is very polluting.

Plastic products release toxic substances over time, which is harmful, and if we are talking about hair, then it is especially harmful for hair. If wooden combs can distribute natural oils well from the scalp to the strands of hair, then plastic combs are not capable of this.

Plastic Breaks Easier Than Wood. Another disadvantage of plastic combs is that they are fragile and break quickly. That’s why they are the cheapest. Unlike plastic, wooden ones are stronger and will last you for a long time.

What happens when you brush your hair with a plastic comb?

Electrons, for instance, leave the molecules and atoms in your hair when you comb it and move to the plastic comb. The negative-charged electrons on the comb cause it to also become negatively charged, leaving your hair with a positive charge.

Which comb is best for hair wooden or plastic?

A made of wood comb is healthy and environmentally beneficial. It lessens the amount of plastic in the environment while also massaging the scalp to promote healthy blood flow and hair. The environmentally friendly wooden combs significantly increase circulation of blood while reducing hair breakage.

What are the advantages of wooden combs

Firstly, a wooden comb is the key to a healthy scalp. Unlike plastic, wooden ones, when combing hair, give a feeling of scalp massage, which activates acupuncture points. If you gently and strongly press the wooden bristles to the scalp, then the natural oil from them will pass through the hair rods. And this primarily improves blood circulation, which makes your hair healthy.

Stimulate hair growth. Healthy skin – long and strong hair. As we mentioned earlier, combs made of wood improve the blood circulation of the scalp, so that the hair follicles get vital nutrients better. Plus, your hair and scalp stay clean, as the secretion of sebum is regulated. Natural conditioning. Wooden combs evenly distribute the natural oil contained in the scalp over each strand of hair. And this is a natural conditioning of the hair, which makes it softer and smoother.

Natural Conditioning. Wooden combs evenly distribute the natural oil content in the scalp over each strand of hair. And this is a natural conditioning of the hair, which makes it softer and smoother.

Absence of dryness and greasiness. Wooden combs and brushes prevent dryness and greasiness of the scalp. They perfectly preserve the natural softness of the hair, preventing excessive sebum secretion.

No damage or scratches. Many plastic combs do not have a smooth and polished body, which causes painful consequences when combing. And wooden ones are completely different, they do not leave any scratches on the scalp when combing.

No static electricity. If you want to get rid of fluffiness, then wooden combs will help. Unlike plastic, they do not create static electricity. Since the wood does not conduct electricity, they are prevented from damage.

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